Residential Care Apartment Complexes (RCACs) offer each resident services unique to his or her needs. This type of assisted living is based in individual apartments and as each senior’s need for care increases, services can increase accordingly. This gives residents an opportunity to remain in the apartment setting for a greater length of time. This means RCACs give your parents the opportunity to stay independent while also providing the reassurance that care is there when they need it.

RCACs offer private residences with the features of a traditional apartment. Unit sizes range from studio to multiple bedrooms. All units must have a kitchenette with cooking facilities. Apartments are generally furnished by the individual; however, some facilities may offer furnished or semi-furnished apartments.

RCACs are as service-intensive as needed by the residents. Individuals generally choose an assisted living program based on the offered services. Typical services include, but are not limited to, meals, housekeeping, laundry service, medication administration, and assistance with dressing, personal hygiene and grooming. RCACs can provide up to four hours of skilled and/or supportive care per day or 28 hours per week.

Another benefit of RCACs is the availability of social activities. Many people moving to an assisted living program have been socially isolated and need companionship and interaction. Staff at the facility provide programming for activities. Activities should be based on interests of the residents, taking into account the physical and cognitive abilities of the participants. Many programs offer card clubs, shopping trips, outings to local points of interest, cultural and educational activities, religious programming, exercise and wellness groups, and more.

RCACs are a cost-effective alternative to community based care. Each individual facility decides how to package services and programs. Some communities will offer a single monthly fee, including all meals, care and services. Others will break the fee into a base rate with service packages or a completely à la carte option where fees are charged based on services utilized.

Assisted living may mean something different to each person exploring this option. RCACs offer each person service choices to meet his or her personal, social, spiritual and health care needs. This lifestyle option offers the best of both worlds – continuing care services and an apartment home setting.

Source: Kari Ajack, Avalon Square administrator