Hospitals can be a wonderful source of programs and information for seniors in the community. Many hospitals have programs and services available in the hospital and also in the community. Some programs are strictly available to seniors. Others may be available to the community but are largely utilized by seniors. Many hospitals have specialty clinics or programs to manage certain diseases or illnesses. Aside from medical care, additional programs may be available.

Some of these programs may include:

Support Groups: These groups may provide support for patients and family members of those recovering from an accident or illness.

Community Education: Information on topics of interest and importance to seniors.

Membership Programs: Many area hospitals have free membership programs that entitle seniors to numerous benefits. They may include medical billing assistance, health screenings, discounts to hospital shops and dining, newsletters, and walking and exercise programs.

Rehabilitation Programs: Education and therapy programs for those recovering from an accident or illness. Please contact hospitals directly for more information on available programs.